“Idiot”- Chambers of Trade are Dismayed




Our Local Chambers of Trade are very concerned that they weren’t consulted at all before the increase in car park charges was decided. The following letter has been sent in from one of the Chambers to the council:

Happy New Year and I hope you are well.

I must come straight to the point which is that your three local Chambers of Trade are totally dismayed that some idiot on the Council has apparently approved increases in car park charges without any consultation with the business communities.

As you know after the debacle of two years ago when we received an apology for absence of discussion, we were assured that this could not and would not happen again.So far as I can tell the same officers are in place now as then so obviously someone has made a conscious decision to totally ignore our input.

We?re all thinking what is the point of our quarterly meetings, if it?s just to enable your staff to tick boxes?

At my next Trader?s meeting I?ve got to report that the increases went through with no discussion with us and that I?ve written this letter. Hardly the best way to encourage my membership into thinking that the Council listens to the business community.

Yours sincerely,

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