How To Nominate Someone For Rochford Citizen Of the Year




From the District Council website:

…Rochford District Council’s Citizen of the Year Awards are the perfect opportunity to recognise and acknowledge local people for their valuable work and outstanding achievements. From providing essential services to the vulnerable, to tirelessly volunteering to help others, we want to hear about those extraordinary people that really make a difference to our community.

The Chairman of Rochford District Council, Cllr Mrs Carole Weston, will judge the nominations, and all nominators and nominees will be invited to a special prize-giving ceremony in May.

Cllr Mrs Weston said: “The Citizen of the Year Awards are the ideal opportunity to give special recognition to those who deserve it.

“I’m particularly looking out for those who have gone above and beyond in the public services; have volunteered to provide sports activities; or have given their free time to help with disability or mental health issues.

“Please help me give recognition to the amazing people we are lucky enough to have in our district. I look forward to reading your nominations!”

Nominations are open to individuals and groups located within the Rochford district.

The categories are:

• Young Citizen (under 18)
• Charitable Support (all ages)
• Community Spirit (all ages)

For more information or to request an application form, contact 01702 318128 or, or go to to submit your nomination online. Forms are also available from Rochford District Council offices.

The closing date for entries is Sunday, February 5, 2017.

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  • Definitely OZ – compassionate / understanding /giving and above all a
    role model citizen beloved by 4×4 school run Mums / Cyclists and those
    of the LibDem persuasion…….xx

  • Jimbo, thanks for the nomination, I am sure many others feel the same but I cannot accept. My year has only just begun, many others need special care and attention and it’s my duty to highlight them on this site….for instance, the sort of people that wear flip flops in the winter….they only have to meet one of the motorised wrinklies, high on Deep Heat fumes and the after effects of eating a whole jar of Pickled Eggs at Christmas, and we have full scale emergency. The high road will be shut for hours….

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