Holiday Work For Councillors




District Councillors have received the latest ‘yellow list’ a batch of reports on various planning applications, each one with a recommendation from officers for approval or refusal.

You can download it here – it’s the list dated 21.12.07

Any councillor can ‘call in’ an item to the next committee meeting , which is on Jan 24th. If an item isn’t called in – and most aren’t , the officers recommendations become actual council decisions. Councillors have until 1pm on Friday 28th to calll in an item.

Perhaps the biggest item on the list is an application at 24 High Road Rayleigh to demolish one house and build 9 flats – this is recommended for refusal. But there’s plenty more, such as an application at the Aldermans Hill Golf Driving Range in Hockley for “Continued Use Of A Gymnasium”, which is also down for refusal.

So all district councillors will be studying this over Christmas. But if you’ve ever thought about being a councillor yourself, have a look at this stuff and consider – which recommendations aren’t you happy with? Which applications would you ‘call in’ to the committee?

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