He Saw It In The Daily Mail

Chris Black has an article in the Rayleigh Times this week about the District Council Cabinet system.

Chris has been a long-time critic of the cabinet system, so it’s no surprise he’s critical here.

Key paragraph:

“Having a cabinet system means that:

? things are less democratic
? money is spent on councillors? allowances that could be spent on protecting services
? because we are wasting funds this way, the council loses credibility when asking the government for more money.

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  • Admin – can you please clarify the last point? I may be mistaken but thought the last government encouraged the cabinet system? Has there been a changed of policy?
    I am also on record as criticising the cabinet system. I can see the theoretical benefits of quick decisions but this is offset by extra cost and, even more, the extra bureacarcy. It simply seems to me that a senior management team of 16, at a cost of £900K pa, is too much for a small district like Rochford. If we HAVE to have a cabinet, there should be a corresponding reduction in officers.

  • Yes, the Labour Government provided this option but the Tory led coalition has said that Councils can go back to the Committee system. RDC does not want to and said so when the option was put to them by the Lib Dems in Full Council.

  • The cabinet system is entirely undemocratic, it excludes Councillors who may have a valid reason to dispute the portfolio holders decision on matters that effect the residents of the Councillors ward, moreover where there is a large majority of one party it disinfranchises Councillors from other parties voicing residents opinions.

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