Great Results for the Lib Dems!!!!!!!



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We’ve had a great morning at the count:

  • Jackie Dillnutt stunned the Tories – and the local press – by WINNING SWEYNE PARK BY 30 VOTES
  • Ron Oatham and June Lumley held their seats by majorities of 549 and 472.
  • Pat Putt came a good third, only 239 votes behind the winning Tory.
  • Elsewhere, Independent Robin Allen won in Barling and Sutton.
  • The Tories had an easy win over the BNP in Hullbridge
  • We will write more tonight!

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  • Well done to all concerned, at least we will be represented by people who act on behalf of the people they represent. The only time I hear from the Conservatives is at election time, otherwise they are invisible.

  • Well done Jackie and all who supported you. I voted for you and who knows maybe I wsa one of those 30 votes that took you over the winning post. I am really pleased for you. I will contact you separately about some issues I have with the council and see what you think but for now enjoy your victory! You have made my day!! And well done you for keeping in touch – that was what gave me enough belief in you to vote for you.

  • Congratulations Jackie, a well planned election campaign and a lot of hard work. The conservative candidate for the Sweyne Park ward could not give me the answers I wanted but your views are right in line with my own. I believe that the housing development (or should I say over-development) issues in Rayleigh and all that entails now needs more public exposure. In particular the issue of the confusion over the renewal of the lease on the Grange Community Centre and the removal of the electricity pylons behind the community centre. The land would then be ripe for development and the council would have no guilt about demolishing the community centre and building yet more housing. How could they even contemplate not renewing the lease on the community centre. Many people use this facility and for some it’s probably a very important part of their social life. This type action by the Tory council does not sit well with local residents and reflects the view of many that they are completely out of touch with the people they are supposed to represent.

    There are plenty of battles ahead Jackie.

  • Thanks for all your messages and support !

    Steve 2 – yes you helped us over the winning post, without your vote Jackie would have won by 29, if the majority was much smaller than that I think we would have collapsed from all the tension!

    Mike – yes , there are plenty of battles ahead and its good to have people like you to lend their support!

    Paul -thanks

    Steve 1 – yes , the Conservatives have been invisible . According to today’s Echo they say they are going to ‘raise their profile’ in West Rayleigh and that’s great news if it means they are going to start listening to residents’ concerns.

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