Grange Villa Application Passed




The planning application for 47 new dwellings near Marks and Spencers along London Road was passed last night-  without Lib Dem support.  The location is  where a house called “Grange Villa” used to be.

James  Newport writes about it it here.

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  • This site will have Construction Traffic to and fro , including RH turns accross traffic flows in and out , for at least 2 years – all of which will be co-mingling
    with commercial traffic in and out of Lower Barn Farm / BP Garage and domestic traffic in/ out of RTSSC , Little Wheatleys Rd junction and of course
    ‘through’ traffic East-West on London Rd itself. It is also highly likely that the
    TImber Grove development will also add to the mix – at the same time , and
    who knows even the Countryside 500 could be underway too ……enjoy !!!!!

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