Goodbye Councillor Black? And More Money For Everyone Else?




There’s a report just about to come out from a government quango, the Councillors Commission

It’s trying to promote ways of boosting local democracy and encouraging people to stand as councillors.

According to the Telegraph Guardian , the Observer and Liberal Democrat Voice (where some of these ideas are described as ‘barking’), their proposals include:

  • Having ‘redundancy payments’ for unpopular senior councillors voted out by the electorate.
  • Big boosts in pay and perks for councillors in a bid to encourage people to participate in local democracy. (at the moment ordinary councillors in our District get just over ?4,000 per year)
  • Councillors having a “communications allowance” to fund public relations material. (At the moment we pay for things like Focus leaflets and indeed onlinefocus ourselves)
  • freeing councillors from the requirement to turn up at meetings.
  • Councillors being barred from serving more than 5 terms – that would end Chris Black’s career as he’s already completed more than 5 terms!
  • a reduction in the voting age to 16
  • a lottery connecting with voting, so just by going to vote you could win a million!
  • council by-elections would be axed (and instead any vacancies filled from a list of names) So an unpopular ruling party could never lose seats at a by-election.
  • There’s no signs yet that the government is going to actually implement any of these ideas – perhaps the likeliest is on ‘voting at 16′. But we’d be interested to know our readers’ views on this. Would a higher councillors allowance make you more interested in standing,? If so, how high would it need to be? If someone has been a councillor for 20 years, should they be barred from standing again? Should the voting age be 16?

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  • I know this makes some people yawn, but the most significant change we can make to our democracy, both local and national, is proportional representation.

    On the other issues – I tend to go with the Liberal Democrat Voice view – they really are barking!


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