Golf Course Application Refused




The Golf Course application near the Chichester in Rawreth was refused tonight. Parish Council Chairman Alistir Matthews began by setting out the parish council’s objections. Chris Black and Ron Oatham then moved refusal on the grounds of:

  • loss of residential amenity during the construction period ( hundreds of thousands of tons of earth being moved there over 2 1/2 years)
  • loss of residential amenity when completed (one example was the position of the 9th hole an d the 9th green)
  • flood risk concerns during the construction period
  • flood risk concerns when completed
  • position of the access onto the A129, especially during the construction period
  • Councillors seemed particularly concerned about the vast quantity of material proposed to be brought to the site, some expressing the view that the application was all about making money from waste, rather than creating a golf course. In the debate we got particular support from John Mason and Michael Hoy, but when it came a vote we got support from nearly everyone , including Toby Mountain, Conservatives and UKIP.

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  • A mighty well done to all concerned – gives me some hope of a fair hearing for the forthcoming assault on the future of West Rayleigh & Hullbridge because the issues are the same.

  • What concerns me is the lack of County responsibility to Highways and Waste Management issues .It was left to RDC to take on that role ,I find that unacceptable they do not seem to know where the site is ,what amount of potential “inert ” waste is involved .Pat on the back for RDC for taking these issues seriously.Where is our County Councillor? Hope he is well ,did not appear at yesterday’s meeting .

  • I am delighted it was refused it is like a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders and I cannot thank those concerned who did such a lot of work and got it sorted out.

  • I’m with Christine @ 1, the developer will be back again and again until the golf course is built. A little alteration to the plan here and there, a change of mood from the planners and eventually it goes ahead.

  • [DRASTICALLY EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS …. SORRY] At last the ‘JKS’group has been stopped in its …. tracks from converting land into a disguised landfill site………

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