Go Brazilian!

go brazilian !

From Rayleigh’s own food blog, “Barbecue beef feijoada with spicy sweetcorn”

“Here?s a way of feeding a crowd and keeping with the Latin American theme: my barbecue beef feijoada, made with brisket. I?ve eaten feijoada a few times and always enjoyed it. But what?s in it? I consulted a Brazilian friend of mine in order to get a few ideas but like many ?national? favourites, everyone has a different view on what it should contain. Like shepherd?s pie, chilli con carne or lasagne al forno everybody has their own take in their house that defines the dish. A few patterns emerge: definitely pork, possibly beef, certainly black beans? other than that it?s fair game. Tomatoes or not? Paprika?”

Find the recipe here.

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