Food Waste and Green Waste Are Going Their Separate Ways in The Rochford District




Government legislation has determined that all future food waste must be separated from green waste, so tonight was the first step in the process of agreeing that new vehicles and another bin for residents.

We were very concerned that the new vehicles being recommended are dirty diesels and the Council once again, putting off the feasibility study of using electric vehicles for the smaller collection vehicles required for food waste collection.

Citing that the required infrastructure isn’t available in the current depot for ev doesn’t go a long way to reassure us of the commitment of the Council to carbon neutrality by 2030.

Interestingly also, Cllr Michael Hoy asked about future charging for green waste collections and the response was ambiguous as to whether charges would be brought in. Our instincts tell us that this will certainly be on the agenda to offset some of the increasing waste costs, although we are told residents will be consulted on future waste collection arrangements, we’re not sure residents will be convinced their voice will be heard.

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