Satisfied In Our Expensive Homes – and Reasonably Happy




According to the Daily Telegraph Rochford District has expensive homes – but also lots of satisfied people.

The data on ‘satisfaction’ comes from the Office of National Statistics. Between 2012 and 2014, people were asked how satisfied they were with their lives , where 0 meant not at all satisfied and 10 meant completely satisfied. Rochford came out well, with an average score of 7.9. We are the most satisfied district in Essex:


The survey also asked “To what extent do you feel the things you do in your life are worthwhile?” and on ‘worthwhile’ Rochford has an average score of 8 – a little bit above the national average. Uttlesford and Epping came out ahead of us in Essex.


The next question was “How happy did you feel yesterday? and for that the Rochford average was also slightly about the national figure. Once again, Uttlesford and Epping beat us.


The final question was: “How anxious did you feel yesterday?” – and for Rochford, the answer was reasonably good, although Uttlesford came out ahead of us:


If you want to delve further into these figures for other areas, you can find them here. Though always remember these are only averages, and that not everyone is happy, or free of anxiety….

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