What’s Gone Wrong In Brentwood?




A very odd story from Brentwood :

Brentwood’s Conservative Council FAILS to pay Mayor’s monies to charities

It has emerged in recent weeks that Brentwood Council has still not paid out from the mayoral year of Cllr Vicky Davies, despite constant pleas from the immediate past mayor to do so.

What’s worse, many cheques written by donors have not even been banked, and instead have been sat in a safe for up to six months, gathering dust rather than interest. Some cheques have now expired and donors have been asked to re-write them.

Cllr Davies was proud to raise many thousands of pounds for Brentwood Talking Newspaper (supporting Brentwood Visually Impaired Group), St Francis Hospice and Brentwood Community Print and is very upset to hear that they have not seeen a penny of the money raised by them.

The council is blaming their new bank for this, but this doesn’t excuse the length of time this has taken….

Full story on the Brentwood Lib Dem website here.


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