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There’s an interesting piece here about the new approvals system for Lib Dem Parliamentary candidates/ It’s written by Helen Duffett, who describes herself as ” I have taken the scenic route into politics, via the school gates, hospital waiting rooms and local community campaigns. I’m certainly not a career politician; I?ve been raising a family of four children for the past twelve years. Two of them have medical needs which have given me insight into the NHS at its best ? and worst.”

She says about the approvals process:

you?ll need to demonstrate …. :

? Communication Skills
? Leadership
? Strategic thinking and judgement
? Representing people
? Resilience
? Values in action

These can be gained in many areas of life. And let?s face it, we need to see a LOT more diversity among our representatives. So if you?re thinking, ?I?m not the type to become an MP or candidate,? then think again. Your unique background and talents may be just the things to bring to the, er, Party!

Maybe you?ve been doing voluntary work, bringing up a family, or doing a job not directly related to politics. Your transferrable skills will be recognised. Make sure you can also show sound knowledge of campaigning and Liberal Democrat policy, and you?ll be equipped.

The Assessment Day itself is split into five sections, with a mixture of written and spoken exercises. I found that this gave the day variety and an interesting change of pace. These also test the six competences from a number of angles, so it?s reassuringly thorough. The panel of assessors collates all your results at the end of the day, and you?ll be notified of the outcome a few days later.

(A quick aside for those who are new to the party: you need to have been a member for at least a year before applying for assessment. However, there?s no need to wait before you start getting experience and information. I recommend that you get cracking as soon as you can, in local campaigns, by-elections, etc. ……

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