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After contact with several residents we have asked County Highways if they can arrange a speed survey in Downhall Park Way.

We’ve suggested a location between the bend in the road and the junction with Harberts Way (roughly near the junction with Bristol Close) .

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  • Quite a few years ago we asked for a speed survey in the same road, but from Harberts Way travelling towards Canterbury Close, no survey was done, but this area still has a speed problem as does much of the road, so if a survey is going to be arranged, can it be more widespread, this section of road is used by parents for both Downhall and Sweyne schools for drop offs so is equally as important.

  • Has a date been set yet with the Highways Agency to carry out a speed test within Downhall Park Way?

    As a resident may I suggest that the test be either carried out at around 8am or 6pm as this is when the road gets at its busiest. (I can understand that this most probably doesn’t fit-in within office hours, but to get a true understanding of our complaint these times would give thee best results)

  • Chris,

    given that nearly 3 months has past have we still yet to hear from the Highways Agency, as this problem still remains…if not worse.

    Is it worth reminding them?


  • Thanks Chris.

    As its been just over a month since your last reply, have you yet to hear anything?

    The situation seems to be getting worse, as only tonight we had a youngster do a handbrake turn going into Harberts Way.
    As I’m sure your aware, Downhall Park Way was also used in last weeks shooting, as a getaway route.

    At some point there will be an accident, if somethink is not done soon.


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