Downhall Park Way Traffic Again




After some residents in the Downhall Park Way area had contacted us about speeding traffic, we raised the issue with County Highways and have had the following reply:

I am quite happy to undertake a speed survey in Downhall Park Way if you could tell me your required location. I am guessing that speeds are within the 30mph limit but excessive for the surroundings. There may of course be a few individuals who choose to ignore speed limits altogether with no regard for anyone else. The results of a speed survey will determine any subsequent action. Again, I must stress that we do not have any budget other than the already stretched locally determined budget which is approved annually by Rochford DC Members.

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  • I agree that carrying out a speed check would very much prove that there is a problem on the estate. I feel that as a resisdent of DPW there’s more than “a few” individuals whom choose to break the speed limit and treat it like the M25.
    In terms of location we’re based on the last stretch of DPW before you get to Harberts Way and feel that this is where most drivers tend to speed (either entering or exiting the estate)

    I would very much like to be updated as I feel very strongly about it


    Mr L Gotts

  • Hi

    Given the proximity of the school and the playground a 20mph limit would be far more appropriate. However policing it is another matter. These people think that 30mph is a minimum with, I would guess, 40-45mph the norm for some drivers.

    It can only be a matter of time before we have a serious accident on this road.

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