District Council Is Spending Much Less Than Expected – Largely Due To Staff Vacancies.




We have a full meeting of the District Council on Tuesday evening. You can find the full agenda here. . It includes a big report on how the council’s finances are looking halfway through the financial year.

Headline figures are:

  • The council is spending less than predicted – overall spending is about ?610,000 under budget.
  • The biggest reason for this is that the council is restructuring, which means there have been lots of vacancies – so the predicted cost of salaries this year is ?523,000 below budget.
  • Income from planning and building control fees is predicted to be ?40,000 above budget – although still lower than last year.
  • Income from Pay and Display from car parks is expected to be ?11,000 above budget , and about ?44,000 higher than last year
  • Income from recycling is expected to be about ?333,000 below budget
  • There are some nifty graphs included, for example this one on car parking:car parking graph

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  • What this shows if that RDC are rubbish at forescasting (and no this is not good news).

    I dont think we will be getting much of a reduction however, as our Tory government passes responsibility to local authorities for social care for our elderly. They have already changed the rules allowing increases in local charges to cater for this. Just more local government incompetence.
    Not good news just BAU

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