Council To Decide Casino Policy




The District Council’s Licensing Committee meets on November 20th at 10:00 am.

They are discussing what the District Council’s policy on gambling is going to be. The council can decide as a matter of policy not to issue licenses for casinos. The big question is – does the council want to rule out having a casino in our district?

It may seem an unlikely prospect, but we know that a few Conservatives councillors are fairly positive about the idea. We’ve no idea where a casino could be placed. Rayleigh Town Centre? Floating on the River Crouch? As part of a mini-Las-Vegas in Stambridge?

The East of England Faiths Council has written to the council urging us to adopt a ‘no casinos policy’ So we’ll be interested to see what the Tories decide on this – in case, the committee can’t make a final decision by itself. Whatever it decides on this has to be ‘referred up’ to full council.

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