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We know that some residents are still concerned about the issues of care homes in our area. We just found a webpage that shows that the Rayleigh Lib Dems were thinking about this issue as far back as 1998:

Rayleigh residents petition to save Sweyne Court

A petition of Rayleigh residents opposed to the sale of Sweyne Court, collected by Rayleigh Town Councillor Peggy Pearse, was today (Tuesday 17 November) presented to the county council

Rayleigh Liberal Democrat County Councillor Richard Boyd presented the petition to the Conservative Chairman of the Social Services Committee, Cllr Joe Pike at today’s full meeting of the County Council. He said:

“Many local residents are deeply concerned about the effects of the Conservatives’ wholesale privatisation of Older People’s Homes, as this petition shows. The proposals could deny people choice, make it more difficult for the county council to monitor standards and lead to local private monopolies.

“I want to thank Peggy Pearse and all those who signed the petition for making their voice heard. As Peggy Pearse says, Sweyne Court is a great asset to the community. The Conservatives should now listen to local people’s views.”

The proposals will be debated and voted upon at a Special Meeting of the Social Services Committee on Thursday 26 November.

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  • So pleased to see you are still looking back at care homes. I’m sad to say that the private company who took over Sweyne Court and nine of the other homes, previously run by Essex County Council, have now sent letters to all affected staff with Tupe contracts.

    These letters arrived after the end of consultation meetings held between the Company, Staff and Unions over the past two months. The Company state that due to “compelling business reasons” they are going to terminate our Tupe contracts of employment. But that staff are not to worry because they will reinstate them on their terms and conditions! Sadly staff are unable to continue working on the low pay scale the Company is offering. The majority shall be forced to seek alternative employment.

    These staff are highly motivated skilled and CARE for the residents of Sweyne Court, and have given many years of a the very highest quality of care.

    How do I know all this? I’m one of those staff. Perhaps, it is time for the people of Rayleigh to start voicing their concerns again. It’s too late to save our jobs, but what of the residents of Sweyne Court and the other affected homes. I have real concerns for them, especially having read CSCI Inspection reports on homes previously owned by the Company in the Bristol area.

  • I suggest that people are encouraged to write to Rayleigh’s County Councillors Mavis Webster and Stephen Castle to protest about this state of affairs.

  • Thank you for your suggestion Ron Oatham. I have today emailed Cllr. Webster and Cllr. Castle, and would encourage any one who cares for the plight of our elderly in Rayleigh and through out Essex do the same.

    In my opinion Essex County Council, Csci along with the Government have a lot of questions they need to answer concerning care of the elderly and the private companies being allowed to register and run homes for our elderly vulnerable citizens. If it wasn’t for their generation and the sacrifices they made in the first and second world war we would not have the freedom we now enjoy.

  • To date Cllr. Webster and Cllr. Castle have not even given me a reply to my e mails to them on the 22nd November 06, regarding the sell off of ten Essex County Council residential homes for the elderly to the private company Excelcare.

    As a council tax payer living in Rayleigh I expect answers from these elected members of Essex County Council! Their silence only fuels my concerns regarding the sell off of the homes!

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