Council Response on Floodlights




We’ve had the following helpful response from the council regarding the new floodlights at the Rayleigh Leisure Centre:

Dear Cllr Black

Further to our earlier conversations, this is just a quick note to let you know of the progress regarding floodlights at the Rayleigh Leisure Centre. The contractors were on site on Tuesday 13 June and have significantly adjusted the angle of the lights and certainly when I was on site yesterday, I could notice the difference in this angle.

I will again arrange to go up on site after dark to check how effective this alteration has been but hopefully this will have rectified the problem. If we find that there is still an issue, then they can come back again and look at possible other means such as changing the actual bulbs etc. but hopefuly this will not be required.


Jeremy Bourne
Leisure & Contracts Manager

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