Conservatives in a Panic Over Chelmsford




We’ve been looking at one of the Conservative Future websites (the current version of the Young Conservatives) It shows that they are in a bit of a panic over losing their Chelmsford seat at the next general election:

“…went to Chelmsford last night and met up with the Association officers. Chelmsford is just the sort of seat that we need CF branches in. With the boundary changes the seat goes from being a Tory seat to being a notional 300 majority Liberal seat. A CF branch can help win the seat for the Conservatives.”

Actually , even with the boundary changes, the Conservatives have a notional 3000 majority, so they start off as favourites to win. But it’s interesting that they are so worried.

However, it’s important to notice that just because they are young, we are not dealing with nice, cuddly Conservatives here. The same chap writes about the forthcoming US elections:

“I hope we see a strong Republican showing because I believe that is the best result for Britain.”

We think that most British people are fed up with Mr Blair and Mr Bush. But while more sensible Conservatives are starting to realise that the US Republicans are too right-wing and incompetent, their younger generation seem to be stuck in a right-wing doctrinaire groove.

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  • Good to see that our American cousins have more sense than our own Young Conservatives. Though I have to say I don’t know whether I’m more excited about the US elections or Southend knocking Man United out of the Carling Cup …

    Sid Cumberland

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