Conservative Resignations

Not a terribly good weekend for Essex Conservatives.

First of all , the Mayor of Chelmsford has resigned as councillor and mayor following a police investigation into computer equipment.

Secondly, we’ve heard unconfirmed rumours that two Conservative councillors in Benfleet have also resigned (for a totally separate reason)

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  • The Echo reports on the two Benfleet resignations tonight and it’s a bit of a shock:

    TWO married councillors quit just before benefit fraud charges against them were made public.

    Tory Castle Point councillors Alan, 49, and Kate Meager, 55, stunned fellow members with their abrupt resignation from their posts in St Mary’s ward, Benfleet, earlier this month.

    The couple are understood to have written a formal letter to council leader Pam Challis before going on holiday.

    Mrs Challis said: “I have accepted Kate and Alan Meager’s resignation as they have informed me they have sold their house and are moving out of the area.”

    Hours later, chief executive David Marchant said: “I can confirm Mr and Mrs Meager have been investigated by our benefits team and, as a result, will appear at Southend Magistrates’ Court on Monday, November 26. We are unable to comment further while the case is still active.”

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