Come on, You Conservatives




Dear Rayleigh Conservatives,

We know that you some of you are regular readers of onlinefocus, so can we give you a tip? Have a look at your own website – it’s getting shamefully out of date. After all, it’s nearly 3 months since the council elections and you are still showing Ron Choppen as a district councillor for Rayleigh Central Ward and he has retired and been replaced by Pat Aves. Also you have the wrong people shown as Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Council. Apart from that, you are not showing any email addresses for your councillors.

Come on chaps, sort out your website!

Best wishes for the summer holidays
Rayleigh Lib Dems

PS Labour are no better – their website here still shows Maureen Vince as a Rochford District Councillor – but , of course, she went down bravely to defeat in the May Elections

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