Clamping Success






About a month ago an onlinefocus reader left a very long comment about how her car had been clamped in The Approach in Rayleigh and towed away by clampers. She ended up paying ?560 to get it back!

Following her comment, Chris Black discussed the issue with Cllr Chris Lumley (Lib Dem) and took Cllr Keith Hudson (Conservative) to have a look. Things are now heading towards a good conclusion. Keith was advised by officers that:

  • The owner has no right to clamp or otherwise prevent parking on this stretch of highway.
  • The company that clamped the resident acted in an unlawful way and it is deemed to be a criminal act.
  • The owner of the land has been advised of this criminal act.
  • The resident can claim her money back from the clamping company

  • Looks like Onlinefocus’ biggest success of the year!

    Many thanks to Keith Hudson and Chris Lumley.

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  • I commend the efforts of the Councillors in clarifying the rights of the vehicle owners and short-sighted actions by land owners.
    Clamping is a blight on our area and the greed of the clampers seem to be fueling their tactics.
    The conclusions above will still not deter in any way the spread of the clampers and the lady is unlikely to prise back her money.
    We need to take further real measures to stop them either legally or by Parliamentry law.

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