Chris’ Questions For Full Council

Councillors ask council officers all the time, usually over the phone or by email.

However we have the right to ask questions at council meetings. This means that :

  • We can put our questions to senior councillors, rather than council officers
  • The questions – and the answers – are put in the council minutes, and so are available to the public.
  • The questioner has to give five working days notice of the question, and has the right to ask one follow-up question.

    Chris has given notice of three questions for the council meeting on October 31st:

    1) To the Chairman of the Development Control Committee:

    Which households in Castle Drive, Rayleigh, received consultation letters from the District Council regarding application 06/00650 (‘Treetops’, Hillview Road, Rayleigh)? [this relates to this application]

    2) To the Chairman of the Community Services Committee:

    According to the Association of Public Health Observatories, life expectancy in Barling and Sutton Ward is significantly lower than the average for England – the only ward in our district for which this is true. What are the likely explanations for this? [we reported this information here]

    3) To the Chairman of the Leisure, Tourism and Heritage Committee:

    What areas of land, under the District Council’s ownership or management, were intended for use as public open space, sports pitches etc but are not currently open to the public or fit for purpose? [This is an issue which we have wanted to investigate]

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