CCTV : “Has the horse bolted?”




Rayleigh Chamber of Trade have criticised the District Council for the removal of CCTV from ‘outlying’ patys of the District:

An article recently published expresses the feelings of fellow traders since removal of their CCTV cameras by Rochford District Council. Click below to view the article.

Councillors & Officers are playing down reports that incidents of vandalism are on the increase since cameras have been removed from outlying Towns in the District.

The permanent cameras (now not so permanent) used to play a pro-active part in preventing & recording incidents. They were used by Police to build a picture of the crime before & after the incident.

The so-called solution now is to deploy mobile cameras when there is a known history of trouble. They are useful tools when reacting to lon-term problems

Should we ask the criminal to be at a certain place at a particular time so we can take his picture. What is your choice PRO-ACTIVE or REACTIVE prevention

Has the horse bolted? Absolutely, it’s munching the flowers from our gardens.

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