Brentwood Council REJECTS the Cabinet System




Some news from a Brentwood Councillor:

I am delighted to report that the Conservatives running Brentwood Borough Council have done a major U-Turn on their plans to introduce a Leader & Cabinet system of local government in Brentwood. They had to put the idea out to public consultation and Brentwood residents gave it a resounding thumbs down with two thirds saying KEEP the existing Committee / Panel system. When the consultation results were announced the Conservatives decided they had little choice but to accept them and backed down.

We actively campigned in the community AGAINST the Leader & Cabinet proposal and managed to galvanise a lot of support. ….

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  • Sid, I think that Rochford DC would be too scared to give it a public airing because they actually KNOW that it would get the thumbs down. It is not democratic and they know that the cabinet system gives them the opportunity to RULE without public support!

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