The Big Litter Pick



by Editor // in Parks


We’ve been informed by a resident today that there is a lot of rubbish scattered around Sweyne Park. The resident has been leading the way and cleared 3 sackfuls of litter themselves, but needs support from the Council.

One of our Councillors has been in contact with the Council to request additional bins and some help with removal of some of the littering.

The Lib Dem’s, not one’s to sit idle, will be springing into action on 21st January and carrying out their own Big litter Pick. Everyone is invited to take part and your participation would be most appreciated by all the community.

If you need any further information please get in touch via the comments below or through the contact page.

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  • Well done, quick question. Will the council provide those litter picker up stick things ? ( what is the right name 🤔 ) got to be careful of my back at my age….

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