Another Mushroom Farm Application – This Time in Hockley




It’s a strange coincidence. The application to convert some derelict mushroom shed toilets to a beauty studio comes to a meeting next week. And on the same night the committee will consider turning some mushroom sheds in Folly Lane , Hockley into 4 light industrial units, each of 280 square metres (3000 square feet)

Local residents appear to be very much against this – there have been 49 responses received, which comment on such issues as pollution, increase in traffic, noise, and the principle of it being an industrial estate.

However, officers are recommending that the decision be left open for them to approve once the period of public consultations is over.

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  • RDC’s handling of this application defies belief and patently is not fair, open and transparent. Contrast their approach bewteen two very similiar applications to convert mushroom farms. Why is this?

    Residents are furious and Thursday’s committee meeting promises to be lively.

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