A Goodnight for the Lib Dems




An unnecessary by-election blew up in the face of the Tories, when our candidate, Craig Cannell romped home with a massive 794 votes to their somewhat poor effort of 237.

However, the Tories have certainly received their just deserts today as we took 77% of the vote. Perhaps when they lose next time they could share the definition of the word ‘gracious’ with their candidate, who had a very bad case of sour grapes!

Congratulations to Cllr Craig Cannell and well done to the Lib Dem team and of course all this is not possible without our supporters – thank you!

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  • Just seen the flyer…,only 20% turnout. What a disgrace….80% could not be bothered. Let’s hope none of them have the cheek to moan about local issues. 😡😡😡😡😡 ( yes I was one of the 20%)

      • I think the UK needs to move to voting on line for those that want it. There’s not much now that’s not on line and I ’m sure we would get better participation. Would also save costs and with secure PIN numbers security should not be an issue.

        • Security is a concern that’s raised every time you mention this. I think that perhaps it’s not security (HMRC, Banks etc are secure aren’t they?) but maybe the Conservatives are fearful that it will be an advantage to the opposition who’s demographics are…. shall we say….. younger?!

      • How does that compare to turnout for a normal May election? Maybe the Lib Dems were correct, it would have been better to wait to conduct the vote – maybe a trek to the polling station in the dark and wet January weather put a lot of people off.

        • 2016 Elections for Downhall & Rawreth turnout was 32.4% – was the £6000+ expense worth it? We were happy to wait until May as was all the other opposition parties. It seems money is no object to some when it comes to power

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