Be VERY Careful At The Bank

From the Echo yesterday, a useful warning:

CASH machine users have been told to be on guard after two jamming devices were found on ATMs.

The skimmers were found by two customers in Rayleigh High Street on Friday morning.

Police were informed at 6.45am and 7am by customers using NatWest and Santander cash points.

The devices made it appear that their cards had been swallowed when actually they were stuck in the machine, ready for a suspect to steal.

It is believed thieves either look over the card owner’s shoulder or film them entering their PIN to then use themselves and steal their cash.

Thankfully no cash was lost by either informant.

ATM users are reminded to check the machine has not been tampered with before they use it and shield they keypad when entering their PIN.

Anyone with information about people seen loitering in the High Street or acting suspiciously should call PS Steve Joynes at Rayleigh Nieghbourhood Policing Team on 101.

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