FLOOD WARNING For Hullbridge Riverside Properties

The Government Flood Information Service warns here about a high risk of flooding for Hullbridge riverside properties tomorrow:

There is a high risk of flooding due to a combination of extreme weather and high tides. The forecast high water is due at Clacton on Friday 13th January 2017 at 1:00pm. High water is due at Hullbridge around 1 hour later at 2:00pm. The predicted astronomical tide level is 2.05 m AODN. The forecast surge height is 1.53 m. The forecast tide level is 3.58 m AODN. The forecast wind direction is North West. The forecast wind strength is force 8. This warning is in force until 4:00pm on Friday 13th January 2017.

Properties are at risk next to the river at the bottom of Ferry Road, Tower Park and the Dome Caravan Park.

mAODN is a standard measure used across the UK for height above average sea level. It is different to Chart Datum. The Environment Agency is monitoring the situation closely, working alongside partners including the Met Office and local authorities.

This information was last updated at 6:55pm Thursday 12 January 2017

Hat-tip: Cllr Michael Hoy on Facebook.

Development Update

As regular readers will know, the Liberal Democrat councillors OPPOSED the principle of development of any of the green fields between London Road , Rawreth Lane and the A1245 .  We were concerned about many things – including the extra traffic , increased risk of flooding in Rawreth , and  insufficient health, education and leisure facilities.

However after some bitter battles in the council chamber, we lost the vote, and development is slowly but surely going ahead at that site and elsewhere. This is an update:

Countryside Developments have got ‘outline’ permission  on their big site between London Road and Rawreth Lane. This means that they WILL be able to build. The details of the house design, etc.will still have to be agreed in a further “detailed” application, but there’s no sign of it yet.

An application for 44 dwellings was passed this month September near the BP garage on London Road (without Lib Dem support)

There is going to be a third application for about 80 dwellings on London Road near the Timber Grove care home (which is likely to be rebuilt as part of the application).

There is also of course a big scheme  in South West Hullbridge, near the border with Rawreth parish. This has also been passed. It  will lead eventually to an improved roundabout at the Hullbridge Road / Rawreth Lane junction. But nothing seems likely to happen with the Hullbridge site in the next few months.

More On Streetlighting

It seems that there is a delay in faulty streetlights being inspected, due to long-term illness, for which we can only sympathise with the person(s) concerned. However the County Council do need to raise their game on this!

By special request, here are a couple more maps to show the situation in most of Rawreth, Hullbridge and the Wakerings. Green circles are OK, brown circles are known to have a fault – and as you can see, there are a lot of brown circles in Rawreth:


streetlightproblems3 streetlightproblems4

Mortimer Road To Be Closed Off???

The big application for housing on the Hullbridge / Rawreth borders now has another aspect to consider. The applicants are quite rightly being expected to help fund improvements to the Hullbridge Road / Rawreth Lane junction – and have submitted the below road design. This isn’t definite yet – a planning application cannot determine what happens outside the boundaries of the land concerned. However this what the applicants are proposing.

We are sure that a good roundabout is needed however there are two notable issues with this design:

The first is that it permanently blocks off the junction of Mortimer Road with Hullbridge Road. This means that vehicles could only leave Mortimer Road via Kings Farm or Eastview Drive. The onlineFOCUS team will be talking to residents in Mortimer Road next week to see what they think about this. It would also force a few residents in Hullbridge Road to exit the long way around Mortimer Road

The second point is that there is an extra exit included on the roundabout – straight into the fields of Lubards Farm. Presumably this is intended to provide access for future developments…!

Your views on this would be welcome, especially if you live in Mortimer Road, Ferndale Road, King Farm, Saxon Close, Norman Crescent, Eastview Drive, Fairland Close or Hullbridge Road.

roundabout plan

Hullbridge Application Delayed

News from the District Council about the big ” SW Hullbridge” application:

The Council has received notification from the applicant to confirm that, following a conversation with the Environment Agency, further fluvial modelling is required of the nearby watercourse. That being the case, the application will not be reported to a meeting of the Development Committee in September. When the modelling work is completed and assessed by the Environment Agency a date for the application to be determined by the Committee will be announced.

This Is Where It Is….

For anyone wondering exactly where the “Hullbridge” application is (it also includes a bit of Rawreth parish), here’s the official location plan:

hullbridge appIt’s worth mentioning here a recent comment by Councillor John Mason:

I understand that ECC Highways as Statutory Consultee has Recommended as follows. Prior to first occupation, Highway works along the Lower road, Hullbridge Road and Rawreth Lane Corridor shall have been provided entirely at the Developers expense. This includes the: i) Provision of a ghost right hand turn at the junction of Watery lane / Lower Road with associated infrastructure . ii) Provision of a roundabout at the junction of Rawreth Lane and Hullbridge Road with associated infrastructure.


What Is Going On?

As Linda Kendall has mentioned in a comment today, the big housing application on the Hullbridge / Rawreth borders is NOT going to be dealt with on July 23rd. It is being delayed until a later date. This is apparently because the Gibraltar-based applicants want to work on some matters. Though some might think it would be better for it to go to committee as soon as possible , not to make a decision, but for the committee to look at what elements (if any) need improving, and then defer it for a full debate and decision on another night.

As to the “North of London Road” applications, we’re not sure of what’s happening with those either…


Councillor Michael Hoy writes here about Watery Lane – and he doesn’t mince his words:

Of all the issues that are raised for me to deal with the one which gives rise to most issues is Watery Lane, yet this road falls completely outside of my Division as it comes under, Conservative Councillor,Malcolm Maddocks in Rayleigh North (I cover Rochford West which is basically Hullbridge and Hockley)….

……since the severe flooding of Watery Lane for 3 months in 2013 and the drain clearance at that time, Essex Highways have failed to clear the drains and regular quarterly Culvert clearing,which is supposed to be organised through the Local Highways Panel, has not happened. So now, two years after the drains were originally cleared it looks as though they are blocked again, and this is purely down to the incompetence of Essex Highways and their private Contractor Ringway Jacobs.

Keep plugging away, Michael. It’s appreciated.


Free Compost Giveaway !


From the District Council website:

Compost Awareness Week takes place from 3-9 May, and to mark this Rochford District Council are offering free compost to all residents.
To get your free compost just come along to Pooles Lane Car Park, Hullbridge at 10am on Wednesday 6 May with your own sacks and help yourselves. Its that simple!
The compost will be distributed on a first come, first served basis, so please get there early to avoid disappointment.