16 Dwellings Approved for Fairways Garden Centre




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In a vote of 7-5, the application for 16 dwellings, that has been back and forth to Development Committee was approved. More on this later

The officer’s report throws up some interesting elements

There are a number of mobile homes/caravans on the site put to residential use; none of these, however, are authorised.

….sounds familiar

Employment use did not seem to factor highly on the officer’s list as the ‘developer’ seems to have used the fact that the existing businesses knew the landowner had applied for planning and they had all but sought alternative premises.


The Council Officer seems easily persuaded that this is no longer utilised commercial land – ‘wool over eyes’ springs to mind!
Extremely disappointing to read this statement by the officer given the fact that the Council acknowledges that there are many home businesses that don’t have anywhere to ‘grow’ – another seemingly short-sighted decision by Officers not to defend the employment and industrial use of this land.

Although it would appear the Council was quite happy for the wool to be pulled over it eyes on Commercial use when it came to the Affordable housing policy, it would appear they weren’t so happy with the report produced by the developers. The developer had argued that the scheme was not viable with the inclusion of affordable housing, however, the Councils independent report concluded that the developer would be required to either provide 2 affordable housing units or a financial contribution of £633,429 (our money is on them settling with a financial contribution)

Extract of the report on Affordable Housing



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  • Seems every bit of land is being built on, mainly in Hullbridge and surrounding areas..
    It is ok living in Hullbridge as long as you don’t want to go anywhere…………the traffic is at an unacceptable level already and that is before the new houses are built.

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