Youth Nuisance at Rayleigh Station




Chris has received the following email from a resident:

I’m not sure if you remember me, but you kindly came round to see me in Downhall Park Way last year when I e-mailed you about a few issues.

I’m sorry to bother you again, but if you do have any meetings with the local police (or more specifically, the British Transport Police) could I ask that you raise at one of the meetings the youths that are constantly hanging around on the platforms at Rayleigh station. Almost every night when I get off, (I usually arrive at Rayleigh station from around 18.10 to 19.30) there are groups of youths hanging around on the platforms, smoking, swearing and sometimes drinking. On Friday when I got of the Southend bound train, a group of them were huddled under the stairs smoking what was (in my opinion) drugs.

But there were no BT Police, nor any staff around and therefore, if you do have any regular liaison meetings, would be able to ask whether the Police or the station staff what they propose doing about it please?

Thanks and regards

We are raising this matter with British Transport Police and Rochford District Council.

In the meantime if anybody else is concerned about this, or has any particular views about youth nuisance near Rayleigh Station, please contact us , or leave comments here on the website.

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