Why the Council isn’t recycling everywhere




We’ve had some residents in Kelso Close asking us why have been left out of the new expanded recycling scheme. In fact there’s quite a few places left out of the scheme at the moment. We asked the council why and this is their helpful response:

Kelso Close is on the Round 6 collection. Round 6 was not included in the initial expansion of the kerbside scheme.The majority of roads on Round 6 are unmade, narrow access or are very remote.

Some roads on Round 6 do not have any of these issues, but because of their location, or the fact that are a new development, were automatically added to this Round 6 collection.

When expanding the scheme, it was agreed that all Round 6 roads would not be initially included until every road on this round was inspected for potential issues. Once they have been inspected we will attempt to accomodate as many as possible on to the kerbside recycling scheme through various means.

….. your other enquiry was with regards to red bags. We are currently investigating the long-term future options for replacement of the red bags with some other type of receptacle/bag. We do liaise closely with Serviceteam to ensure the crew help reduce this problem by replacing bags appropriately after collections.
I hope this has been helpful.

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