Two Meetings Next Week

There are two District council meetings next week that might be worth going to. Firstly, on Tuesday 26th at 7.30 pm we have a full meeting of the Council (click here to download the agenda).

There are some ‘heavy’ items here – but maybe the key items are :
item 5 – making the final decision to transfer our housing stock to a housing association
item 7 – an update on the council’s Capital programme for 2007- 2008 (you can download it here).

Then on Wednesday night there’s another meeting of the Cabinet. You can download the front pages of this agenda here.

To be honest, the cabinet agenda doesn’t look that exciting – although there’s stuff on taxis that could be interesting – a proposed increase in the taxi tariff, and a proposed new rule banning taxis from having tinted windows,

But it’s early days for the cabinet , and watching them evolve as a group can be interesting in itself…. a bit like a reality TV show….

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