There’s Trouble Over Mill

There’s trouble over the Mill project and wider asset strategy and it could come crashing down like a house of cards, with the many residents having rapidly lost faith, and with recent developments, we know that the Conservatives are now in full-on panic mode. Lessons haven’t be learned from the disaster of the much smaller, although still costly (£150k), public toilets strategy and the empty building on Crown Hill is testament to that failure and a poignant reminder for Rayleigh residents.

As the gaps become wider and wider in the asset strategy the public has taken to question just what on earth are the Conservatives thinking and why wasn’t there any public consultation.

This project was always a time bomb waiting to go off and opposition Councillors, warned of the need to pause the project, last year, but the Conservatives voted to plough on ahead. An arrogance that could prove costly to them on May 6th, and just days away from the local elections, this could very well be the Conservatives ‘Icarus’ moment.

The ‘Save Mill Hall’ campaign group has today provided their own campaign update ask ‘Why can’t the Conservatives get their story straight?’ – if you want to read what they have to say click here