The Drip Drip of Disposal of Community Facilities




Today an article in the Guardian highlights the plight of the swimming pool facilities and remaining viable with soaring energy costs.

We already know that Clements Hall in Hawkwell, which is operated by Fusion, suffered heavy financial losses due to the pandemic and the taxpayer had to foot the bill to keep it afloat, but as we’ve emerged from the pandemic what does the future really hold?

Built in 1979 the building itself is just 8 years younger than the Mill Hall in Rayleigh.

But why is it important to draw the comparison? The Conservative led Council have demonstrated their desire the demolish or dispose of their aging property portfolio estate over a retrofit approach and as the clock runs down towards the 2030 Carbon Neutral target, it doesn’t give the local authority much time to plan a replacement facility.

The lack of desire to refurbish and retrofit and soaring running costs could become an even bigger issue in the very near future for residents across the district.

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