Taxis Apply To Drive Up Fares In The Rochford District

Rochford District Council has received an application from the Hackney Carriage licensed trade to increased the tariffs that they currently charge.

The application is planned to be heard on 1st July by the Licencing & Appeals committee.

The proposed fares are shown in the table below

Representations have been received from the taxi trade and consultees on the proposals.

Part of the representation made by the trade

Of course, no one wants to see increased costs and it could equally be argued that an argument bourne on the cost of fuel could be countered with an argument that the operators should be looking to move to EV which would be cleaner and reduce their operating costs. Perhaps the capital costs are prohibitive?

What do you think about an increase in the proposed taxi fares? Would you be happy to pay the increase or do you think they are already expensive enough?

How does the Rochford District compare with other areas?