A Rubbish Post on the Big Litter Pick




Despite temperatures being as low a 1 degree and rain that turned to sleet, our Lib Dem team and helpers from the community successfully ‘picked’ over 20 sackfuls of rubbish from Sweyne Park today.

During just 2 hours of work by the small team, we made quite a difference to the bridleways and park. A keen set of eyes recovered 2 huge chemical containers (well done Heather) and other items recovered for disposal an umbrella, a pair of glasses and lots and lots of bottles and cans.

It’s a shame that people discard their litter into the hedgerows and the footpaths so carelessly. There are bins placed around the park so we wonder what the excuse is or is there no excuse, just laziness?

Apart from our three Lib Dem Councillors, it was lovely to see such a keen bunch of people who worked really hard to clean up other peoples mess.

Thank you and well done!

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