Questions and Answers 4 – Letting Wimpey Set Camp On The Sports Pitch Land




Here’s the official written answer to our last question at the last full council. As you can
see, they don’t give much of an answer as to ‘who authorised it’!


?According to the report on Sweyne Park to the recent Executive Board meeting:

?3.1 Following the completion of the leisure centre, an arrangement was made with Wimpey Homes, who are building on the opposite side of the site, for them to locate their compound on the ?pitches site? on a temporary basis. In return, Wimpey agreed not only to remove all their equipment/rubble etc., but also to reinstate the area of land that they occupied, undertaking ground works which left the area in a state ready for seeding.?

On whose authority was this decision made? Who has benefited from it??

The Leader of the Council responded as follows:-

?Officers received a request from Wimpey Homes to temporarily site their compound on land to the rear of Rayleigh Leisure Centre, for a fixed period of time, between October 2006 and Spring 2007.

This area of land had been designated for future usage as junior/mini-pitches. Officers agreed that the compound could be sited there for a set period on the basis that the Council would benefit from that area of land not only being reinstated but also in being prepared for seeding, and would be left in a better condition than before Wimpey?s occupation.

The works carried out were necessary and have resulted in removal of rubble, ?stone picking?, removal of weeds and vegetation growth, some levelling of the ground and a general loosening of the top surface that has progressed the preparation process for this land, in readiness for future pitch usage. This arrangement has not delayed the Council?s timetable for preparation of the land for future use as pitches, and has helped to move those preparations forward, at no cost to the Council.?

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