No Bus Stop




We’d like to think that the Lib Dem Group of councillors is pretty effective- but for once we have to admit defeat .

A bus stop half-way along Down Hall Road in Rayleigh was lost after a traffic accident some months ago and still hasn’t been replaced. This is no laughing matter – because some of the bus drivers don’t know that there should be a bus stop there, causing all sorts of inconvenience for bus users.

The bus stop is actually in Grange Ward, and our colleague Chris Lumley there has pressed the County Council to get the bus company to put the stop back – but nothing’s happened.

So Chris has passed the issue ‘one step up’ to County Councillor Mavis Webster. If she can’t fix it. the next person in line to tackle it will be Mark Francois MP… but this matter should only have needed one email from one councillor to be sorted out.

However , a few more Area Committee Meetings might help…..

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