More Photos of Priory Chase – and a Good Response from County Highways




At the start of last week former Rawreth Parish Councillor Basil Osborn emailed us some worrying photos of Priory Chase. We passed this information straight on to County Highways and the District Council. At 23:40 last night we received another email from Basil – with more photos. In particular there was a photo of an alarming hole in Rawreth Lane

Chris passed these on to County Highways at 01:47 this morning with some comments of his own. We’re pleased to say that we’ve had a good reponse from County Highways, which is down below. But first, this was Basil’s second email:

Dear All

Since my last e-mail. The propped hoarding was removed on Monday and the commencement of the junction works has been postponed to 13th November and on the notice it is advised to take 16 weeks.

The mud and trips have not been attended too, and there are now two un-gated openings. Further some of the Heras fencing to the storage area has fallen over.

Ungated Opening

The connection work to the new houses would appear to have progressed and there is evidence that work on the west footway is in hand and will be brought to a temporary standard.

Last weeks e-mail was circulated to a number of Authorities who would appear to have passed it on to others.

I thank Wimpey for sorting out their hoarding, however little progress has been made elsewhere.

This week we can quote an Essex County Highways representative that ?the only problem with Priory Chase is that the parents insist on using it to take their children to school in cars?.

Dangerous Hole

A resident brought to my attention a defective gully in Rawreth Lane opposite the entrance to Rawreth Industrial Estate just West of Havana Drive. As can be seen this is a danger to any Pedestrians who happen to be walking along the footpath at the time a cyclist or vehicle drives over the hole that measures 9? x 15?. I understand this gulley has been in this condition for several weeks and as can be seen in the photograph has been marked for repair, but there is no warning for Pedestrians Motorists or Cyclists.

There should be no surprise that parents find the way to school unsafe by foot. The planning process should have ensured a safe developed infrastructure be in place by all forms of transport as part of the consent and the Highway Authority should ensure there is a safe route to school by all forms of transport and attend to highway development and maintenance.

Basil Osborn

This is the response from the local office of County Highways:

Dear Chris,

I have raised the issue of parking and mud on the footway, together with fencing / gates and hoarding concerns with the site Engineer (Wimpeys). I will ask colleagues to keep an eye on the site when in the area to ensure safety is maintained.

I’m not sure who would have said about parents walking to school but I would certainly like to encourage it as there are many children well within easy walking distance. If Wimpeys can sort out their site safety then I hope many more parents will feel safe to walk although with winter approaching, this is optimistic.

With regard the gully in Rawreth Lane, this is being made safe today and will be repaired fully asap. From looking at the photo, it appears the gully has been marked with a paint line on the grate itself highlighting a crack. This crack has then got worse and half the grate recently fallen into the pot. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Should you notice anything as dangerous as this in the future, I would be grateful if you could make us aware asap so we can make it safe.

This a good response and we are grateful to them. We don’t blame the local highways office for the design of the road or the delay in completing the junction – that’s down to the County Council HQ in Chelmsford and the District Council. Before all this was built we kept telling the District Council that this school serves Rawreth and a lot of parents would have to drive there. But most councillors wouldn’t listen to us.

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