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Our Focus team has been busy in Hockley today where the fantastic Nicola O’Riordan-Finley is standing alongside the Rochford District Residents for one of two seats on the District Council. Both Craig and Adrian have been delivering our popular ‘Focus’ leaflets to residents in Hockley.

Nicola says….

“We must take control of the excessive over-development of recent years which, together with poor infrastructure and reducing public services, are blighting our area. Increasing numbers of bad potholes make car journeys uncomfortable and sometimes downright dangerous. As your Councillor I will press County Highways to get funding for pothole repairs spent here in Hockley as a matter of urgency.

I am also concerned that new street lighting has a spotlight effect which creates dark pools between lamp posts. This is a new problem which has safety implications for residents both as pedestrians and as drivers. We need to make sure all the services local government provide are safe.”

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