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Let’s hope County Highways will listen to Chris Lumley’s concerns about the need for more salt bins… From the Yellow Advertiser:

CAMPAIGNERS have told councillors to install salt bins in the district before someone is seriously injured on icy pathways in Rayleigh.
Elderly residents have made a series of calls to ward councillor, Chris Lumley, because they fear they may slip over.
Councillor Lumley (Lib, Grange), who also sits on Rayleigh Town Council, claims more bins need to be installed in the town.

Rayleigh Town Council funds the installation work and bins ? costing ?350 – and Essex County Council provide the salt.

Mr Lumley said: ?For many years I have taken many calls from fearful pensioners who simply do not go out because it is too dangerous.
?Rayleigh is a huge town with many pensioners living here.
?I would not want it on my conscience if one of my elderly citizens was to injury themselves because of the ice and lack of bins.?

Rayleigh Town Council clerk, Kerry Cumberland, confirmed Essex County Council highways had rejected approaches made.
However, she stressed Essex County Council was more than willing to put bins in adequate areas.
The council will be discussing plans to install a bin in a coming meeting.

An Essex County Council spokesman confirmed Rayleigh had 10 bins.
She added: ?People can approach the town council and asked for bins to be installed but in areas not affecting highways.
?We have a good working relationship with Rayleigh Town Council and will look into any inquiries made.?

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