Carers’ Rights Day




This year, Carers Rights Day takes place on Friday 30th November. The day brings organisations together from across the UK, helping carers know their rights and get the help and support they deserve. It does this whilst raising awareness for carers across the UK and the vital contributions that they make.

In the UK, 6000 people become carers daily, and for the majority it is not planned. Many even give up work as juggling work and care responsibilities often becomes too much. Without the amazing work of these carers, many sufferers of serious or long-term illnesses would not be able to live a full life.

This year the key theme of Carers Rights Day is ëCaring for Your Futureí.† It is vital that carers maintain a strong social life. Caring for a loved one can become all-consuming and lead to isolation and mental health problems without a network of friends and family to talk to.

The Liberal Democrats recognise the hard work of carers and want to give something back to them. Carers save our country tens of billions of pounds annually and this day provides a great chance to give something back to them.

Find more info on the link below or call the Carers UK Helpline on 0808 808 7777:

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