The Lights At The End Of The Week?

As Chris Black has mentioned in a comment, the new pedestrian crossing lights at the Rawreth Lane/ Downhall Park Way junction should be up and running in a few days.

So we are adding this post here as a suitable place for any comments on this subject, either now or in the future…..


  1. Seems strange that they are resurfacing this section of DPW. There have been a few areas where road works Have resulted in patches/repairs, but generally the road surface is pretty good. I did wonder if it was a ploy to clear the road in advance of yellow line painting, but don’t know if any consultation was required first.

    I’m not sure if the filter light has been fixed yet, the council contractor told me it would be repaired in August or September this year. There were some engineers working on the lights the other week, but I still don’t think the filter light is working. I just wonder if resurfacing is wise if the filter light induction loops need repairing/replacing.

  2. I was also puzzled so I contacted the Highways Dept, parts of Downhall Park Way are going to be resurfaced. This is being termed remedial work not actually repair work to avoid problems in the future.

    I really hope that the new surface is “proper” tarmac and not a tar layer with small stones on top. They are an absolute nightmare and make such a mess that takes ages to clear.

    Personally I can think of far worse roads than DPW, seems a waste of money to me.

  3. What an absolute pleasure to drive in and out of DPW today without having to negotiate a myriad of inconsiderably parked vehicles! It appears that some
    residents have found that they indeed do have driveways and garages!!!


  4. Sorry RR I should have phrased what I wrote more carefully. Maybe this makes more sense:

    I’m a bit surprised that the work is being done. I’ve only had one complaint about DPW, though that was a serious one, after a pedestrian had a very nasty fall, and the last time I checked Essex County Council hadn’t even acknowledged the incident.

  5. The resurfacing works were delayed and that meant that a few cars strayed back and the owners forgot to remove them – despite foot high markings on the road telling them to do so! 20mph supposedly in force due to loose chippings however the local boy racers do not seem to think this applies to them!

    Any news on the markings – it would seem wholly sensible to put them in when the while lines are being re-marked surely?


  6. I see planning notices posted on lamp posts in DPW. Is it possible to view the applications online? It is impossible to park safely along that stretch of road so that I can read the notice. I am assuming they are the consultations on the lines?


  7. CCR – no – it’s gone from one extreme to the other. The notices are about putting No Waiting Zones into effect around the bend extending into DPW for a number of metres either way ( I can’t remember the exact distances ). This may cure the problem of people parking on the bend and opp Salisbury Close but how long before people start to complain about the usual idiots living on the estate speeding around the bend near to the playground. This will all end in tears…..

    However I must say, Canterbury Close is only a short walk to the park entrance, why drive to read them. no wonder we have such conjestion on the roads.

  8. Thanks Rayleigh Resident.

    No way would I consider driving round just to read the notices, although you are not aware if I have any personal circumstances that might prevent me walking!! However, I meant that, when passing on the way out of or back onto the estate, I have not been able to pull over safely to take a peep at the notices as I was passing!.


  9. I find the description of the proposed area of lining difficult to picture, I guess it is written in council speak rather than plain English. However I think yellow lines are needed by the traffic lights as well. I also hope the new lines cover the area around Lincoln as well, as this is often an area of hazard as well.

  10. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but since the snow has cleared it is becoming quite apparent that the new road surface that was recently laid in Downhall Park Way is beginning to break-up. In patches it is clear that the chippings have not stuck (opposite Lincoln Way is a prime example), and all along the centre of the road where the two halves of the surface join there seems to be missing chippings.

    There have always been lots of loose chippings, particularly where cars are always parked, but since the snow covering there seems to be more. Under the tree on the corner of Bristol Close it looks like a cat litter tray.

  11. ST1 – no problem with resurrecting an old thread ! When the work was done, I asked County Highways how they viewed the quality of the work, but only got a holding response. I have asked again…

  12. Chris, thanks for your follow-up on my comments.

    Having thought about this, I wonder if the council should insist on the job being completely re-done, rather than settling for localised repairs. It may sound harsh, but we were told that the new surface was a preventative measure to prevent the original surface from breaking up and needing repairs. Now we have paid for a new surface, and that will now be repaired anyway. As we know repairs and patches are weak points that tend to break down prematurely.

    I can’t help thinking we’ve received a poor job for the taxpayer and are being fobbed off.

    The poor finish is not just the patches where the chippings have come loose, there are also fine cracks in some locations.

  13. On the subject of this stretch of road, the locations for the yellow lines have been marked out for a few weeks now, so should be painted some time soon. Sadly they missed the bottle neck around Lincoln.

  14. They have indeed been painted this morning. Interesting to note that the white van who is the normal culprit obstructing the exit from Salisbury Close, has had the lines painted around him! I assume they will be back to fill in this space asap?

    Also has anyone else noticed the two blue parked cars at the top of DPW – both have rear end damage and are empty of any possessions. The turquoise one has been there since before the snow in early Feb and the darker one has been there for at least a month. They appear to be dumped. Have any residents of that end of DWP reported them to the police or authorities?


  15. CCR – I see that one of the main culprits for “bend parking” has parked his car on the unpainted bit that the white van was on !!!

    Re: The old bangers parked at the top of the road, they are both taxed and locked although it’s probably worth noting the numbers and dropping the local police a line via their web site.

  16. They have both been reported them to the council, but as they are both taxed and are not illegally parked, there is nothing that can be done about them.

  17. RR – shame that the parking culprit could not park properly to fit his car into the space left by the van! Let’s see what happens with the parking and if
    anyone is issued with penalty notices for parking there? I did wonder where all the cars had disappeared too last night too – you don’t think people
    are actually remembering that they indeed to have a driveway or garage they could use!!!!

    Shame the line could not have been continued just a few metres more up to the junction though – no doubt some cars will take full advantage of this and as those that park outside the properties on the other side of the road, who also have garages etc, now seem to park further down towards Salisbury Close junction. Massive improvement so far though. Well done to all involved with the lines issue!!

    Thanks for update on dumped cars. If the Police are aware I assume they have been checked against the stolen cars list?


  18. Noticed that the missing bit of the yellow lines has been filled in today!
    Also noticed that the parking problem seems to have, unfortunately, moved up the road towards the junction. This is exacerbated by the two dumped cars mentioned above.


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