A Year After Rayleigh South

Last year Keith Gibbs (UKIP) beat John Flack (Conservative) in the County Council election for Rayleigh South.

They are both standing for election tomorrow.

Even though Keith Gibbs is already a County Councillor for Rayleigh South, and so has to deal with Rayleigh’s highways, education , social services issues etc, he is standing for the District Council in Hawkwell North. Which is pretty odd, and it’s hard to see how it can help his present constituents in Rayleigh.

Meanwhile John Flack is on the Conservative list for the European elections..

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  1. Hi Chris, I am going to leave a comment here. Yes tomorrow is Election Day, Keith Gibbs is standing against me. I KNOW I have worked hard for my residents, can Keith Gibbs say the same for the residents of Rayleigh South? (Has he represented them well at county? What is his attendance at key meetings?)
    I will just put my trust in the residents of Hawkwell North to choose the candidate that has a proven track record of working hard and getting things done for them.

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