More Wretched News For Essex Conservatives

From the Southend Standard:

A FRESH £75,000 of “staggering” expenses claimed by disgraced peer Lord Hanningfield and his staff have been revealed for the first time.
Essex County Council has released details of the spending on credit cards belonging to the former leader’s personal helpers during his time at County Hall – including expensive trips to fancy restaurants, political conferences and the Caribbean.
The new figures also include £4,760 in bar and hospitality bills which were run up at the House of Lords and then charged to Essex taxpayers.
Mike Mackrory, the leader of the county council’s Liberal Democrat group, said he was “stunned” by the new scandal.
He said: “To suddenly have £70,000 of extra expenses unveiled is frankly quite staggering.
“I am stunned. Any reasonable person looking at them would say 60 per cent – at least – are not legitimate.
“It is outrageous that this was allowed to go on and that nobody stepped in to stop it.”

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