50 Houses In Hockley?

The Development Committee of the  District Council meets tomorrow night – and one of the items on the agenda is an outline applciation for up to 50 new homes at Pond Chase Nursery, Folly Lane, Hockley.

The scheme fits in with the council’s core strategy policy of having 50 new homes in West Hockley. Officers are receommending it for approval.

Find out more here.

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  1. the council’s report states (2.1) that “Part of the site is that of a now redundant mushroom farm, some of the buildings associated with which are now in alternative business use”.
    I am aware that a complaint has been made to RDC alleging that a number of businesses are currently operating without planning permission from this site. This RDC report seems to be giving some degree of credibility to those businesses. Is this appropriate? Councillors should be aware of all the facts.

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