Worse Potholes To Come




We’re getting some disappointing news from our County Council colleagues over proposals on highways maintenance:

“It will mean that people in Essex will have to get used to bigger potholes being around for longer, as the ruling party fail to balance its funding of road maintenance. The proposals come just weeks after the Conservatives announced a ?10m overspend on the highways budget.

?The report is riddled with inconsistencies and it is hard to see how it will be of benefit to residents . The basic premise seems to be to wait until damage to road surfaces get worse before even looking to see whether it should be fixed or not. The Conservatives are recommending that when dealing with misaligned kerbs, for example, there is no commitment at all to provide a date for work to be carried out.

?Apart from the obvious inconvenience to the public, we have concerns about the additional hazard that damaged road and footpath surfaces will have for cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians alike. This will inevitably lead to more and higher level compensation claims being made against the council.

The proposals are due to be discussed at a cross-party meeting next Thursday (17 January) at County Hall.

You can download the County report here.

The Echo have reported on it here.

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  • This is going to cost them more in the long run. Surely fixing a pot hole before it gets bigger is more economical. Especially when they are accountable and liable to pay for the repair to damage caused to cars by poorly kept roads.

    Perhaps if they did the job at the Pitsea fly over right the first time round, there would not be the overspend?

  • I read that potholes under 2 inches will not now be repaired as a matter of course. Has the County Council even thought about some of the lawsuits they will face if say someone on a motorcycle is seriously injured or dies because of a dangerous pothole or if a motorist swerves to avoid one and kills or injures someone. Our County Council and by default, us could be made bankrupt very quickly.

    Any thoughts or comments Essex CC?

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